About 5G News .org? Why did we create it?

We created 5G News . org to be an unbiased, central place to capture and comment on the numerous 5G activities going on around the world.

There are many views on what 5G is and/or should be and/or could be.

By creating an unbiased central place where all of these ideas can be captured and openly commented on, we might be able to reduce duplication and share ideas to move this important development process along faster and to identify what will be needed to facilitate this important development.

If you have a view of what 5G News . org could or should be, please let the editors know, by Submitting a Post using this link:
or sending an email to the editor.

Best regards,

Don Brown
Editor, 5GNews.org
don [at] donbrowninc [dot] com


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