South Korea and EU agree on joint development of 5G

une 16, 2014: Soul/Brussels:
South Korea's Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), has agreed to joint development of 5G and other future network technologies with the EU's 5G Infrastructure Association. 

Mr. Mun-Kee Choi, South Korea's minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MISP) the cabinet level post the Bell Lab's president Jeong Kim was slated to head before Nationalistic objections were raise, has agreed to:

"deepen discussions in the area of Net Futures (network and communications, 5G, cloud computing), an element of on-going relations on ICT topics. Both sides will also work towards a coordinated call for research project proposals, to be launched in 2016. An industry memorandum of understanding will be signed between the EU’s 5G Infrastructure Association (whose members include Alcatel- Lucent, Atos, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Nokia, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telenor and Telefonica) and South Korea’s 5G Forum."

A video statement on the agreement by Ryan Heath, Spokesperson for Digital Agenda, is available at: 

Accroding to the joint declaration, the two sides also agreed to jointly work in the area of future mobile network on the following:

  • To strive to reach a global consensus, by the end of 2015, on the broad definition, the key functionalities, and target time table for 5G.
  • To work together to explore further possibilities in cooperating and implementing joint research actions in the field of 5G, to be launched in 2016. To work together towards global standards for 5G, in support of ongoing standardization in relevant fora, such as 3GPP and ITU.
  • To cooperate to facilitate the identification of globally harmonised radio frequency band to meet the additional spectrum requirements for 5G, and to reinforce cooperation in the context of ITU and WRC.

The two sides recognised the importance of public-private partnerships for 5G, and expressed support for the deepening of interactions and exchanges between industry associations dealing with 5G in the EU and in Korea. 


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