Next Generation Mobile Networks



The vision of the NGMN Alliance is to expand the communications experience by providing a truly integrated and cohesively managed delivery platform that brings affordable mobile broadband services to the end user with a particular focus on LTE and LTE-Advanced.


The mission of the NGMN Alliance is to expand and evolve the mobile broadband experience, with a particular focus on LTE and LTE-Advanced deployments and their further enhancements.

  • to establish clear functionality and performance targets as well as fundamental requirements for deployment scenarios and network operations,
  • to give guidance to equipment developers and standardisation bodies, leading to the implementation of a cost-effective network evolution,
  • to drive implementation of NGMN recommendations and to establish liaison statements and project agreements as needed with SDOs and industry organisations,
  • to provide an information exchange forum for the industry on critical and immediate concerns and to share experiences and lessons learnt, and
  • to address spectrum requirements and to support the establishment of a transparent and predictable IPR regime.

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Apple joins NGMN’s 20 Operators in defining 5G

In a press release yesterday, the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) organization of mobile operators members announced that Apple, typically a relatively reclusive and insular player in standards and the wireless industry groups, has joined as a partner to NGMN, just as the organization presented its next steps in defining 5G. The NGMN Alliance membership base now comprises 23 globalContinue Reading

4G Americas’ 5G

The summer vacation season hasn’t slowed the great 5G Mandala.[1]  We now count over 63 collaborative groups playing a role in developing the 5th Generation (5G) wireless standard.  This isn't even counting individual companies and working to make and use 5G products. 4G Americas, the organization representing operators throughout North, Central and South America andContinue Reading

Mobile Operators Present Initial 5G Requirements (NGMN)

Frankfurt, Germany – 16th June, 2014 The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance presented end-to-end requirements for 5G at its NGMN Forum meeting in June. Leading global Operator, Vendor and Research representatives gathered to review the initial results of the Alliance’s 5G initiative and to give guidance on the way forward. Earlier this year, theContinue Reading

Mobile Operators work together to define requirements for “5G”

Barcelona, Spain – 24th February, 2014 The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance is excited to announce the launch of a global initiative for 5G. Inspired by the strong industry collaboration which materially contributed to the success of LTE and its adoption across the world, this initiative will deliver key operator requirements intended to guideContinue Reading

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