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METISMobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society. The main objective of the project is lay the foundation of 5G, the next generation mobile and wireless communications system.
MiWEBAThis project conducts research and development of mm-wave overlay heterogeneous network (HetNet) in which mm-wave ultra-broadband base stations employing recent state-of-art technologies of mm-wave devices are introduced and integrated into conventional cellular networks.
IWPCInternational Wireless Industry Consortium
ITU-R SG3Radiowave Propagation
COST IC 1004Cooperative Radio Communications for Green Smart Enviornments
NYU WirelessThe world's first academic research center combining wireless, computing and medical application
Horizon 2020 - Project 4mmw for 5G Access
5GPPPThe 5G-Infrastructure-PPP is a 1.4 Billion Euro joint initiative between the European ICT industry and the European Commission to rethink the infrastructure and to create the Next generation of communication networks and services that will provide ubiquitous super-fast connectivity and seamless service delivery in all circumstances.




IWPC Workshop