Study on Central/Peripheral Network Technology for 5G Knowledge Communication Service

Recently mobile devices like a smart phone and tablet PC are spreading fast and thus the mobile big-bang phenomenon is shown. To meet the demands of mobile data traffic increased exponentially each year, many countries are developing the LTE-advanced and beyond 4G technologies. But the cellular frequency spectrum below 3GHz cannot supply the mobile data traffic which is anticipated to reach the saturation in 2015.

So, ETRI is researching the 5G mobile communication technology that realizes the 1,000 times more than capacity of LTE to prepare the another mobile big-bang which is expected when the various type of devices incurring realistic knowledge information are connected to the mobile network and to strengthen the mobile infrastructure which anyone can use as cheap and fast as necessary.

For the 5th generation knowledge communication service, the basic technologies of central/peripheral network that can increase linearly the network capacity in accordance with the node number are as follows:

  • Central network increasing linearly the network capacity in accordance with the relay node through the distributed beam control (Max. 100Gbps/Cell).
  • Peripheral network maximizing the terminal transmission capacity in accordance with the terminal node number through the plural orthogonality (Max. 1Tbps/Km2).
  • Multi level central network topology and the peripheral network topology
  • Wireless network topology cooperating the central network with the peripheral network.
  • Multi node finder algorithm through the cooperation of central/peripheral base stations with terminals.
  • Critical technologies of the central and peripheral networks.
  • 5G frequency band and 5G RF/antenna/beamforming/beam tracking technologies.

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